One of the collections shown at the event: Two more Coca Cola shades (Swatches coming soon.)

With my fellow lacquer addict Miriam.

My favourite Avojuices: Ginger Lily, Coconut Melon and Jasmine.

My latest obsession: A scented candle that also happens to be massage oil and smells like heaven. (Well, rhubarb, but more like heaven.) From the Icelandic organic brand Sóley.

More news coming to stores soon: OPI Brights. (Swatches coming soon.)

With fellow blogger Anna-Karin.

The fun, summery-looking, handmade brushes from JACKS Beauty Line is on my wishlist.

The main collection presented at the event: Color Paints. A completely new, sheer formula that allows you to mix different colours, make cool patterns and general nail art a bit easier. Comes in 9 colours including a silver meant to act as a base which makes every colour look metallic. If you prefer non-metallic then they can also be used on their own.


I am thoroughly happy about the Dutch brand Make-Up Studio launching in Sweden since it seems I still haven't been able to forget about the highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes and the sparkly pigments which the brilliant NikkieTutorials used in a couple of her YouTube videos a couple of years ago.

Last week I was invited to the VIP launch along with other make-up artists, beauty bloggers etc.  Two of our swedish talents showed us 12 individual looks on their models as well as two looks step by step live on stage. After the presentation we were finally able to look at, feel and swatch a nice selection of their product range. It was mostly beauty makeup but their catalogue contains 64 pages of different products - everything from SFX wax, aquapaint and tweezers to make-up bags, toolbelts and portable workstations.

I always love to go to these kind of events to see if I can find new products, tools and even ideas for my makeup kit and for my artistry and so many of these products seem to have great potential - I'm excited to start trying some of them.  I've got my eyes on the foundations, powders, lashes, brushes and the brilliant eyeshadow palettes - not just the eyeshadows itself but the actual palettes that are double-sided so you'll fit twice as many shadows than standard palettes without it taking up more room which is always something a Make Up Artist is looking for. Super excited! is now up and running!


OPI showing us their upcoming autumn collection San Francisco at Fotografiska, Stockholm. Details and more swatches coming soon!


"I just want to go home and jump into the shower right away!"

..Yeah, that's pretty much the feeling you get when visiting the Rituals store in Sturegallerian, Stockholm. More than one of us beauty nerds attending the Birthday Breakfast event were heard saying the previous quote and, really, how could you not when smelling, feeling and trying out their shower foams, body scrubs, scented candles (and sticks!), tea, body mists  etc, etc.
It really was a positive first encounter with the brand that I, until the day of the event, had only heard of  so a big Thank You to the sweet Julia of MeAndMe for inviting me. And extra points to Rituals for having travel minis! I bought my fair share for my recent London trip and can't wait to go back to stock up on my favourites so far and find new ones.

I noticed that KICKS has got some of their stuff but if you're in the Stockholm area and haven't been at the actual store before, please do pay a visit. Maybe you'll get the same feeling as I did and perhaps find something you like for keeping your summer skin fresh and glowy from their Refreshing section (where you'll find Hammam products), the Energising section or the Relaxing section which so far is my personal favourite. (You can click the 3rd picture to get a closer look of the different sections just mentioned.  Photos #1, #4 and #7 belongs to this lovely girl.)


This past weekend  MAC invited a fairly small group of beauty bloggers, makeup artists and other media people to spend a full night together celebrating their new MAC counter at NK.  Starting off with a workshop, Live Apelland [who I did an interview with almost 2 years back when visiting MAC backstage at Stockholm Fashion Week] was working her skills on her model for the day, Nina (previously known from Top Model Sweden), introducing the new MAC Technique using items from the upcoming collection Temperature Rising  with some of their own makeup artists available to help us out if needed. The MAC Technique is basically a way of applying the makeup and you can book your own session with one of their artists at the NK MAC counter to find out more and get some inspiration.

They sure did go all in, inviting those of us who are not actually living in Stockholm to spend the night at the absolutely beautiful hotel Nobis where they also treated us with a 3-meal dinner and the WONDERFUL news that Sweden FINALLY got the MAC PRO-card system (!) and will from now on also carry some of the PRO items at the NK counter. 

A huge thank you to Berit and MAC Cosmetics for this wonderful evening and all the exiting news - and of course the very generous goodiebag! I've found some real gold gems which I can not thank them enough for including since I don't think I would have purchased some of them myself just by looking at them. Tricky little thing knowing which products you will come to love once you've tried them out properly. I'll show you my absolute favourite soon!

(1st photo belongs to


The second photo collage: One of my table companions was the lovely YouTube guru Miriam from MirlidNailArt  // Her beautiful Dior lipstick. // Gifts! // Delicious food from Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic and Romania.

Euro Centrale - that's the name of OPI's new fashion collection for spring 2013.  Ahh.. The name makes me think of (and hear) honks echoing through busy european cities in the afternoon sun. It's playing out in my mind just like it would be an old memory. My mind somehow pictures Milano but the collection is inspired by Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Romania and to me the colours fit perfectly.

What stood as a steady base for choosing the colours for this collection was, of course, the spring fashion trends and with us at the event last week was Sara Winter from the Swedish Fashion Council who payed a visit to inform us about the trends for this coming season. I would say it gets very "vintage" this season but in kind of a modern way (if that makes sense).  From the 30's, 40's and 50's with stripes, dots and black & white patterns; Luxury, riviera and pastel colours  to 70's Chinese silk fabric patterns;  Strong colours "urban style" with a mix of patterns and grafic prints  and all the way to clean, sporty, preppy looks with a lot of white and simple color accents. Naturally, all these trends goes for the nails as well! A great presentation which got me more excited and inspired than I would have thought. All I want to do now is to capture these "vintage" trends in nail-art & makeup and I'll be sure to post pictures if I do - here or on Instagram.

Swatches coming soon!

OPI Germany Collection Event

I Tisdags visade OPI deras kommande höstkollektion Germany Collection bland beauty lovers och plockmat, öl och viner i tysk anda. 12 lack presenterades och alla självklart med smarta, tysk-inspirerade namn. Jag som har en stor förkärlek till Tyskland i sig samt tidigare berättat hur snabbsåld jag är på roliga/smarta/"attraktiva" namn föll ju pladask för hela kollektionen bara för att.  "Berlin There Done That" gav mig ett mindre fangirlmoment av förtjusning och namnet "Don't Talk Bach To Me" samma sak. En tjuvtitt på kollektionen ser ni ovan - swatches på alla 12 lacken kommer inom den närmsta tiden.

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