New favourite product alert!

After searching for years I've finally found a highlighter that actually looks like real shiny, dewy skin and not just shimmer - wearable for both night and (most importantly) daytime.  My clients love it,  I love it  - it's just glorious.
I've tried the product before in a different shade and while I did like that one as well, this one is just on a whole other level.  The product I'm talking about is "Hush" Cream Colour Base from MAC and I am utterly and completely in love.

The best way to apply this is with your fingers, simply starting off by picking up some product with a spatula and warming it up on your hand or as I prefer; the inside of my hand, since I feel like it gets warm and creamy a lot faster. (Just remember to clean your hands before!) When it's nice and creamy, just "tap and roll" your finger onto your cheekbones. And the result? A fresh, dewy highlight that will keep looking better through the hours of the day.  Absolutely stunning!


After releasing the classic red Riri Woo lipstick in the beginning of 2013 and following up with a three-piece lipstick collection for the summer, it's now time for Rihanna to drop her highly anticipated fall collection including 4 lipsticks (- 2 of which we've seen before), 2 eyeshadow quads, a Lipglass, two lip pencils, a new Cream Colour Base, a powder blush as well as a powder blush duo, 2 makeup brushes, 2 pair of lashes, some liners, pencils and my favourite mascara in a limited edition packaging - the Extended Play Lash.

In the photos above I am showing you two of these items; Hibiscus Kiss Powder Blush Duo  and  Talk That Talk lipstick. For those of you lipstick lovers who are curious about dupes, I wanted to share a photo I took of some MAC lipsticks - 5th picture. In the top row (from the left) you have Rebel, Media and Talk That Talk. Bottom row is Cyber and Smoked Purple. What I noticed is that  just like Smoked Purple is a more matte version of Cyber Talk That Talk is a more matte version of Media. The colour looks the same, to me it's just the formula that's different. Now I know it will slightly differ depending on your skintone but that's what it looks like on my NC15 skin. MAC Currant lip pencil is also close in shade!

The duo blush is a lovely peachy-pink-coral colour plus a beautiful, medium tan shade - and I am already thinking about getting my hands on a backup! I absolutely love this!

The collection is set to be released on October 3rd in the US and around the same time internationally - in Sweden we'll get it on Oct 1st ( and on Oct 8 (

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