Gwen Stefani has been this year's main woman when it comes to OPI and their nail polish collections. We were introduced to her first 6 shades in the beginning of the year which cintained the colours we might associate her with  and now, just like the Mariah Carey Christmas collection last year, OPI & Gwen are giving us another 18(!) shades of Christmas.

I have 3 of them to show you here today. The absolutely gorgeous red and gold shimmery Red Fingers & Mistletoes, the metallic silver Unfrost My Heart and the shiny, slightly shimmery purple I Carol About You (which to me is even more beautiful with a matte top coat).  Take a look at the full collection in a store near you or get a quick peek here.



I am completely crushing on these really cool-toned lip colours like grey, taupe and greyish mauve lilac. I've been spotting them on counters, online and in stores of various makeup brands during the past months and I thought I'd share some of the products I've found that can help you achieve this look if you're as into this icy, goth chic, dash-of-90's lip as I am.

♦ Lime Crime Chinchilla lipstick (as seen on my lips here).
♦ OCC Sebastian Lip Tar.
♦ Melt Space Cake lipstick.
♦ Illamasqua Posture lipstick.
♦ KIKO Luscious Cream lipstick 524 Taupe.
♦ Make Up Store Taupe Lip Liner.
♦ Any matte taupe, grey or lilac cosmetic pencil.


Here's one of the makeup looks I made for Halloween this year.  I've been so into SFX that I wanted to go back to basics and try something with paint and makeup only. This has no SFX apart from covering her eyebrows. Playing around with colour, shading, highlighting and just a touch of pop-art painting technique gave me what I'm going to call my Creepy Clown (yes, even without the typical nose). My flash-photos always takes away a little depth but I hope you enjoy the pictures and had a wonderfully spooky Halloween.

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