The big fall collection by OPI has landed in stores and it is glorious! 15 shades of Venice inspired by things like Prosecco and the Opera. From nudes and shimmers to satin black. Once again they made me want to fast-forward time and have autumn arrive in July. Swatches will be up shortly!


When you tend to opt for black clothes whatever the season, like I do, it's nice to add some coloured details into the mix - and what better way than nailpolish?

This little summer collection from OPI is goooorgeous. It has three additional colours apart from the six in this post - Life Gave Me Lemons, Down To The Core-al and Hotter Than You Pink - but since those were all released last summer we'll just focus on the new shades today.  All swatches have two layers and no topcoat.

Can't Hear Myself Pink!  I wasn't too sure when I first saw it because of the pearl in in but after hearing several friends and clients say it reminds them of Barbie and her world, it opened up my eyes and I now somehow get really excited whenever I see it. It's a warm medium pink with pink and peach micro glitter.

I Sea You Wear OPI.  Same formula as CHMP above and just as fun but has slightly bigger glitter particles and is even more amazing on top of one of the other colours. Keep scrolling and you'll see what I mean..

The Berry Thought of You.  This formula is amazing! It looks and feel like gelly and glides on smoothly. Two layers was (surprisingly) enough for full coverage and I'm a big fan of the cool tone of it.

On Pinks & Needles on top The Berry Thought Of You + matte top coat.  It has a clear base with pink hexagonal confetti. Quite cute on it's own actually, but probably meant to wear on top of a nailpolish of your choice.

I STOP for Red.  Such an amazing, bright, almost glowing tomato red. I absolutely love this colour and just like TBToY, this too has got that gelly-like formula.

My Car has Navy-gation. Jelly formula again but this one goes on quite sheer on the first swipe, though thankfully two layers was enough with this one as well. A beautiful, rich, darker royal blue that makes a nice addition to the otherwise bright collection.

3 other ways of pairing these colours: On Pinks & Needles on top My Car has Navy-gation,  Can't Hear Myself Pink! on top of My Car has Navy-gation,  and lastly,  I Sea You Wear OPI on top of The Berry Thought Of You.

And my favourite combo:  1 layer of I Sea You Wear OPI on top of the original 2 layers of My Car has Navy-gation. I mean.. Look at it!

The collection is out in stores now.


L.A. Girl has recently been surprising all kinds of makeup users with the quality of their PRO Conceal HD Concealer and I've been hearing people raving about this "high coverage, photo flattering, creaseless concealer" in makeup tutorials, blogposts and on basically every social media platform out there. Naturally, I had to try it.

The concealer is water based which usually doesn't work for me since I tend to prefer silicone based foundations and concealers on me personally. (Confused as to why that matters? Well, if you have a silicon based foundation, you have to match it with a silicon based concealer or otherwise it will separate and won't last/look good for very long on the skin. If you have a water based foundation, you look for a water based concealer. The same rule applies for moisturizer and primer; if it's got lots of oils or silicone in them then go for a silicone based foundation and concealer, otherwise it will, again, separate and ruin the point of everything you put on top). Still, I wanted to see if perhaps it could be something suitable for my kit  since we (makeup artists) always need to have different textured foundations and concealers, to be able to offer a perfect match for every kind of skintype, wish and need.

If these didn't have the $3 price tag I would have said more about the lack of lighter shades. (None of them suits people lighter than a MAC NC15.) It's a shame, naturally, but since the price is so low I feel I can't be too hard. At the same time I haven't actually seen this many colour options from any budget brand we have here in Sweden (even though the price is three times as much up here). None of our most common high-end brands either for that matter, so for me the colour range is still a big plus. The concistency of these is not as fluid and creamy as I am used to but then again I am not used to water based concealers, and when using it together with MAC Face & Body (which is also water based) I find that it works very well and lasts a good amount of time.

When I was looking for swatches before placing my order, I couldn't find any on really fair skin so I wanted to share my own just in case there are more people out there just as light-skinned as me wanting to see what all of the shades looks like on someone who's usually having a hard time finding something light enough. For reference I am an NC15 in the summer but am currently lighter.

1. Classic Ivory // 2. Natural // 3. Creamy Beige // 4. Pure Beige // 5. Medium Bisque // 6. Medium Beige // 7. Nude // 8. Almond // 9. Warm Sand // 10. Warm Honey // 11. Toffee // 12. Fawn // 13. Cool Tan // 14. Toast // 15. Chestnut // 16. Beautiful Bronze // 17. Espresso // 18. Dark Cocoa.

Packaging: 2/5  | Consistency: 3/5  | Longetivity: 4/5  | Colour options: 3/5
My rating: 3/5


One of the collections shown at the event: Two more Coca Cola shades (Swatches coming soon.)

With my fellow lacquer addict Miriam.

My favourite Avojuices: Ginger Lily, Coconut Melon and Jasmine.

My latest obsession: A scented candle that also happens to be massage oil and smells like heaven. (Well, rhubarb, but more like heaven.) From the Icelandic organic brand Sóley.

More news coming to stores soon: OPI Brights. (Swatches coming soon.)

With fellow blogger Anna-Karin.

The fun, summery-looking, handmade brushes from JACKS Beauty Line is on my wishlist.

The main collection presented at the event: Color Paints. A completely new, sheer formula that allows you to mix different colours, make cool patterns and general nail art a bit easier. Comes in 9 colours including a silver meant to act as a base which makes every colour look metallic. If you prefer non-metallic then they can also be used on their own.


Another MAC & Disney collaboration is live and while the entire collection is worth checking out I personally recommend this little gem. The Royal Ball lipstick does not only give a pretty pink pearl sheen to your lips but it also makes the most beautiful, fresh faced, dewy cream blush on pale skin. I'm in love!


Did you watch the Oscars last night? Being a makeupartist it's no surprise that my favourite part is to see everyone arriving which means to get to see the hair and makeup of choice. This year there were four individual looks that caught my eye and made me a little more excited than the rest. . .

Chrissy Teigen. Pairing an cool-toned dress with glowing skin and a dark glossy lip? Come on, you knew this would be on my favourites list. And the hair!!

Anna Kendrick. This would be what I'm going to call "the subtle gem" of the evening and you'll find one of these each year; It's a look that is simple yet seamlessly executed that the artistry going into creating it should not be overlooked.  I absolutely love how the blush and lips perfectly matches the colour of her dress and the way the jewellery picks up the silver eyeshadow which, of course, marries so well with the peachy pink. It's in the details, people!

Kelly Osbourne. Am I the only one getting really happy when seeing this lavender haircolour? It suits her skintone wonderfully and I found this makeup to be the most fun of the evening. Lips and lashes are always a good idea.

Margot Robbie. The combination of perfected skin, neutral eyes (she actually didn't wear any eyeshadows for this look) and a strong lip is an all year round favourite look of mine. Simple yet glamorous. Want the same lip for spring and summer? Then go pick up the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Raven which was the colour used on her on this occasion.

Share with me, which ones were your favourite looks of the Oscars 2015?


That's Hula-rious!

Suzi Shops & Island Hops

Do You Take Lei Away?

Is Mai Tai Crooked?

Go With The Lava Flow

Hello Hawaii Ya?

Just Lanai-ing Around

My Gecko Does Tricks

This Color's Making Waves

Pineapples Got Peelings Too!

Lost My Bikini In Molokini

Aloha From OPI

The spring/summer collection from OPI is inspired by the nature and life on Hawaii and I think it's a great combination of pastels, stronger hues, cremes and pearls, making it a collection in which there is most likely something for everyone.

Now I tend to fall for the darker shades but the perfect pear ice cream shade That's Hula-rious! and the bubblegum pink Suzi Shops & Island Hops are just MAGICAL.  What's your favourite?


MAC Rocky Horror Picture Show "Riff Raff" Eyeshadow Palette
This palette gets my vote for the best and prettiest MAC palette of 2014. It wasn't released until autumn but still tops my list of MAC palettes this past year with colours I personally find great for both every day, late nights and the holiday parties. I'll dance into a new year tonight wearing some of these, and lots of nights to come.
See you on the other side!
Colour names:
Oh Rocky! - Crystal
Blackberry - Graphic Style
Heavy, Black and Pendulous - Carbon Black


♦ MAC Cosmetics Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.
♦ MAC Cosmetics PRO Conceal And Correct Palette.
♦ Illamasqua Hollow Cream Pigment.
♦ Blush from a Crown Brush blush palette.

♦ IsaDora Eyebrow Pencil #22 Light Brown.
♦ MAC Cosmetics Pro Longwear Waterproof Brow Set in Emphatically Blonde.

♦ MAC Cosmetics Eyeliner Mixing Medium.
♦ Make-Up Studio Sweden Glimmer Effects Multicolour.
♦ StarGazer silver holo glitter.
♦ Make-Up Studio Jewel Effects Shine.
♦ Make-Up Studio False Lash Effect 4D Extra Black Mascara.
♦ Depend Leah lashes.

Go to my INSTAGRAM page to see a video of the eyes. I made it out of focus on purpose so you can see the sparkles and a lot better than in these photos.


♦ Make-Up Studio No Transfer Foundation.
♦ Collection2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer.
♦ Illamasqua "Hollow" Cream Base.
♦ Make-Up Studio Compact Powder Make-Up.

♦ IsaDora Eyebrow Pencil #22 Light Brown.
♦ MAC Waterproof Brow Set in "Emphatically Blonde".

♦ Inglot eyeshadows no. 350, 358, 107R.
♦ Illamasqua "Scribe" Precision Ink.
♦ Make-Up Studio Sweden False Lash Effect 4D Extra Black Mascara.
♦ Eldora "H125" lashes.

♦ MELT "Bane" lipstick.
♦ LIT Cosmetics "Back In Black" glitter.


♦ Illamasqua Skinbase Foundation.
♦ Illamasqua "Hollow" Cream Pigment to contour.
♦ MAC Pro Conceal And Correct Palette.
♦ Make-Up Studio Translucent Powder Extra Fine.

♦ Make-Up Studio "Blonde" Brow Powder.
♦ Make-Up Studio clear brow gel.

♦ Urban Decay Primer Potion.
♦ Inglot eyeshadows no. 318, 330, 107R.
♦ LIT Cosmetics Hulk & Magic Dragon glitter.
♦ Make-Up Studio brown Liquid Eyeliner.
♦ Make-Up Studio False Lash Effect 4D Mascara.

♦ MAC Fashion Revival lipstick (from the "The Matte Lip" collection.)


♦ MAC Studio Fix Fluid foundation.
♦ Collection2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer.
♦ Illamasqua "Hollow" Cream Pigment.
♦ Make-Up Studio Compact Powder Make-Up.
♦ NYX "Taupe" Blush.
♦ Benefit Mary-Lou Manizer highlighter.

♦ IsaDora Eyebrow Pencil #22 Light Brown.
♦ MAC Waterproof Brow Set in "Emphatically Blonde".

♦ Lime Crime Eyeshadow Helper.
♦ Make-Up Studio eyeshadow #205.
♦ Sleek Vintage Romance Palette - "Forever In Florence".
♦ Sugarpill "Goldilux" pigment.
♦ Make-Up Studio False Lash Effect 4D Extra Black Mascara.
♦ Eldora lashes "H125".

♦ OCC Strumpet Lip Tar.


♦ Make-Up Studio No Transfer Foundation.
♦ MAC Pro Conceal And Correct Palette.
♦ Illamasqua "Hollow" Cream Pigment.
♦ MAC Blot Powder.
♦ NYX "Taupe" Blush.

♦ IsaDora Eyebrow Pencil #22 Light Brown.
♦ MAC Waterproof Brow Set in "Emphatically Blonde".

♦ Illamasqua "Hollow" Cream Pigment.
♦ Make Up Store "Smog" Microshadow.
♦ Make-Up Studio Jewel Effects Shine.
♦ Eldora lashes "H125".

♦ IsaDora Eyebrow Pencil #22 Light Brown.


♦ MAC Studio Fix Fluid Foundation.
♦ Collection2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer.
♦ Illamasqua "Hollow" Cream Pigment to contour.
♦ Make-Up Studio Eyeshadow #106 to highlight.

♦ Make-Up Studio "Blonde" Brow Powder.
♦ MAC "Emphatically Blonde" Waterproof Brow Set.

♦ Urban Decay Primer Potion.
♦ Make Up Store "Vanilla" Microshadow.
♦ Illamasqua "Scribe" Eyeliner.
♦ Red pigment mixed with MAC Eyeliner Mixing Medium.
♦ Urban Decay 24/7 Waterproof Liquid Eyeliner in "Perversion".
♦ Make-Up Studio False Lash Effect 4D Extra Black Mascara.

♦ Sephora Cream Lip Stain #01.


My Silk Tie

Cement The Deal

Shine For Me

Embrace The Gray

Romantically Involved

Dark Side Of The Mood


How great is this press kit? I am absolutely loving it and all six shades of the collection.  Like so many others I have been massively excited about the 50 Shades of Grey movie and everything around it  including this collection  even though I personally haven't actually read the books yet. (I guess you know you made it if people are excited by the mere thought of your products/ideas. Haha!)  At the beautiful press launch at the Hilton hotel in Stockholm last week they kindly gave us a copy of the first book so we can all get into the world of Mr Grey before the movie premieres on Valentine's Day, February 14. (Watch the trailer here!)

The collection contains the light grey creme Cement The Deal, the mid-tone grey creme Embrace The Gray, a darker grey with a touch of blue called Dark Side Of The Mood, a beaming glitter varnish with silver and blue glitter particles called Shine For Me and lastly the one colour that is supposed to represent the female part, Anastasia Steele, called Romantically Involved. It's such a wonderful red shade and probably my favourite of the six. The sun was setting as I was swatching these so I didn't get a great picture of it but do take a look at this one by Temperaninails who captured it far better and you'll see just how fantastic it is.

I really am one of these people who loves and cherish the little things and details in everyday moments like going to the cinema and being able to wear a nailpolish that is connected to what I'm seeing on screen (like this collection is), or to do a makeup look inspired by what I'm watching, or to dress accordingly etc, etc. I one hundred percent feel that these simple things make everyday moments more fun  and I love how the creative people at OPI are always having their radar on for what's interesting at the moment and keep delivering fun and exciting collections that feels just right in time.
I think it's a great collection of shades; not too much and not too little. Just like the sentence that run through the collection; "It's all about the tease."
As always, a big Thank You to the girls at GoodPr and OPI for this beautiful kit and a wonderful evening.  The collection will be out in early January so you can wear your favourite shade to the movie theatre. Until then, I better get started on the reading!

PS.  You know how usually a couple of the colours from the OPI collections will be made available in Mini kits as well as full-sized bottles? (Usually around 4..) Well, ALL six of these OPI 50 Shades Of Grey nail lacquers will be available in 1 Mini Kit (!!) so if you feel like you like the collection and want to get it but don't want to spend your money on full-sized bottles (maybe you don't use nailpolish that often; or maybe you feel like the shades won't be interesting to you long enough to finish an entire bottle - whatever your reason may be) then this Mini kit is definitely something to concider. 
Personally I absolutely love these kits, and the fact that all of the colours are available in both big and small sizes this time around is, I think, quite brilliant if you think about how well it fits in with the "slogan" of the collection; "It's all about the tease."
Occasionally, a little IS enough.


Gwen Stefani has been this year's main woman when it comes to OPI and their nail polish collections. We were introduced to her first 6 shades in the beginning of the year which cintained the colours we might associate her with  and now, just like the Mariah Carey Christmas collection last year, OPI & Gwen are giving us another 18(!) shades of Christmas.

I have 3 of them to show you here today. The absolutely gorgeous red and gold shimmery Red Fingers & Mistletoes, the metallic silver Unfrost My Heart and the shiny, slightly shimmery purple I Carol About You (which to me is even more beautiful with a matte top coat).  Take a look at the full collection in a store near you or get a quick peek here.



I am completely crushing on these really cool-toned lip colours like grey, taupe and greyish mauve lilac. I've been spotting them on counters, online and in stores of various makeup brands during the past months and I thought I'd share some of the products I've found that can help you achieve this look if you're as into this icy, goth chic, dash-of-90's lip as I am.

♦ Lime Crime Chinchilla lipstick (as seen on my lips here).
♦ OCC Sebastian Lip Tar.
♦ Melt Space Cake lipstick.
♦ Illamasqua Posture lipstick.
♦ KIKO Luscious Cream lipstick 524 Taupe.
♦ Make Up Store Taupe Lip Liner.
♦ Any matte taupe, grey or lilac cosmetic pencil.


Here's one of the makeup looks I made for Halloween this year.  I've been so into SFX that I wanted to go back to basics and try something with paint and makeup only. This has no SFX apart from covering her eyebrows. Playing around with colour, shading, highlighting and just a touch of pop-art painting technique gave me what I'm going to call my Creepy Clown (yes, even without the typical nose). My flash-photos always takes away a little depth but I hope you enjoy the pictures and had a wonderfully spooky Halloween.


I am thoroughly happy about the Dutch brand Make-Up Studio launching in Sweden since it seems I still haven't been able to forget about the highly pigmented eyeshadow palettes and the sparkly pigments which the brilliant NikkieTutorials used in a couple of her YouTube videos a couple of years ago.

Last week I was invited to the VIP launch along with other make-up artists, beauty bloggers etc.  Two of our swedish talents showed us 12 individual looks on their models as well as two looks step by step live on stage. After the presentation we were finally able to look at, feel and swatch a nice selection of their product range. It was mostly beauty makeup but their catalogue contains 64 pages of different products - everything from SFX wax, aquapaint and tweezers to make-up bags, toolbelts and portable workstations.

I always love to go to these kind of events to see if I can find new products, tools and even ideas for my makeup kit and for my artistry and so many of these products seem to have great potential - I'm excited to start trying some of them.  I've got my eyes on the foundations, powders, lashes, brushes and the brilliant eyeshadow palettes - not just the eyeshadows itself but the actual palettes that are double-sided so you'll fit twice as many shadows than standard palettes without it taking up more room which is always something a Make Up Artist is looking for. Super excited!

Make-UpStudio.se is now up and running!


Many beauty bloggers and enthusiasts may be used to getting every single nail polish and makeup collection available in stores around them but Sweden is not one of these countries - we haven't seen a Halloween collection from OPI for many, many years so no surprise we are now quite excited.  Apparently the most common halloween nail polish collections (a dark safire blue, a bright orange, a black and a glow-in-the-dark top coat for example) doesn't sell very well up here so let's keep our fingers crossed that this one does so we can keep on seeing fun lacquers every Oktober from now on, okay?

Peanuts is (a comic strip and) not something I personally associate with this spooky holiday but my mind is ususally locked on the same vampy colours year after year so I think it's fun to see something a bit more unexpected but still suitable - a bit more playful.  I do definitely like that we get a good quality black polish so that if you don't have one and are about to get one for autumn/winter, this is a good option.

The confetti ones are fun for any age and in the photos above you can see the black, orange and yellow confetti polish Where's My Blanket??? on top of the yellow Good Grief!, the multi-coloured confetti polish To Be Or Not To Beagle on top of the shiny black Who Are You Calling Bossy?!?  and an extra swatch showing an alternative combination/base using the orange Can't Afjörd Not To from their main fall collection - Nordic (which you can still find in stores). You'll find them in stores now.

My favourite combo? Last photo!

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