"I just want to go home and jump into the shower right away!"

..Yeah, that's pretty much the feeling you get when visiting the Rituals store in Sturegallerian, Stockholm. More than one of us beauty nerds attending the MeAndMe.se Birthday Breakfast event were heard saying the previous quote and, really, how could you not when smelling, feeling and trying out their shower foams, body scrubs, scented candles (and sticks!), tea, body mists  etc, etc.
It really was a positive first encounter with the brand that I, until the day of the event, had only heard of  so a big Thank You to the sweet Julia of MeAndMe for inviting me. And extra points to Rituals for having travel minis! I bought my fair share for my recent London trip and can't wait to go back to stock up on my favourites so far and find new ones.

I noticed that KICKS has got some of their stuff but if you're in the Stockholm area and haven't been at the actual store before, please do pay a visit. Maybe you'll get the same feeling as I did and perhaps find something you like for keeping your summer skin fresh and glowy from their Refreshing section (where you'll find Hammam products), the Energising section or the Relaxing section which so far is my personal favourite. (You can click the 3rd picture to get a closer look of the different sections just mentioned.  Photos #1, #4 and #7 belongs to this lovely girl.)


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