5 beautiful favourite pastel nailpolish colours for Spring and Summer 2014:

Pale yellow beige:  L'Oreal - Lemon Meringue
Baby pink:  OPI - I Love Applause
Light mint:  L'Oreal - Pistachio Drage
Sheer peach:  OPI - Chillin Like A Villain
Lilac:  L'Oreal - Nouvelle Vague


Luminous cheeks, glistening nails, shiny lips and radiant eyes are what MAC was aiming for with their new Alluring Aquatic collection that just flushed ashore and is now lying here on the beach with the water splashing around it in the beautiful afternoon sun. Well, I did get a bit carried away just now but at least that's the scenario that plays in my mind when I see the tiny water droplets that perfectly decorates the beautyfully shiny, teal, limited edition packaging. It makes me think of mermaids and life under water in a magical, glistening, beautiful and dreamy way - and that is even though I am actually quite scared of the ocean. I'd say that is to have succeded with your presentation of a product/collection, don't you think?

The collection is filled with shades like tarnished olive, seafoam, plum, violets, and pearlized nudes and although I only used one product from the collection, I wanted to let the ocean, my imaginary mermaids, beaches and the number one most popular summer night party look that is coming back every single year; the dewy, smokey eye, inspire the entire makeup look, showing you one way to wear the Legendary Lure Extra Dimension Eyeshadow.


With the recent explosions of new makeup brands with their great quality eyeshadows and lipsticks, brands like MAC and the more high-end brands do get a bit of competition in my mind. My clients often tell me that they "don't really use the high-end fancy brands" and almost look ashamed to admit it, to which I always say that just because a product is more expensive doesn't mean it's going to be of better quality, sadly. (Or, really, is it not better for our wallets? Haha)
I am always open to try new brands no matter if the price is $5, $15 or $50 because my experience is that a makeup or beauty product does not need a big name to be absolutely amazing and I think that's where a lot of people go wrong. "The higher the price, the better the quality" is not always true - I'd say it's more like 50/50. I've tried great lipsticks for $5 and horrible ones for $40. And why should you have to spend $25 on a lip pencil if you know there are great ones for $8? It's simple really.

And since there are a lot of brands on the market right now and a lot of great makeup products - many of them acutally made by beauty gurus/beauty bloggers who have actively tried a lot of what is out there, I think it's important for the older make-up companies to really "know their products"; their strenghts and limits and when and when not to make changes. If the prices go up, the brand needs to have improved the quality of the product as well or else the buyers will likely move on to these newer, cheaper but high quality brands which are run by these intense beauty enthusiasts who knows what works and doesn't work, what makeup artists and beauty lovers crave for and demands of the products they're paying for...

Having these newer brands in mind, with the eyeshadow palettes, blush palettes and more, 200 SEK (which is also $30 or £18) now seems quite a lot for 1 single eyeshadow and 205 SEK a bit juicy for a lipgloss.
With that said, the Legendary Lure eyeshadow is both pretty and of good quality and may therefore be worth the 200 SEK if it's a colour of your liking. If you are interested in the Alluring Aquatic collection that is out now, be sure to check out the Sea Worship and Fathoms Deep eyeshadows, Submerged nail lacquer and - of course - the lipsticks!

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