L.A. Girl has recently been surprising all kinds of makeup users with the quality of their PRO Conceal HD Concealer and I've been hearing people raving about this "high coverage, photo flattering, creaseless concealer" in makeup tutorials, blogposts and on basically every social media platform out there. Naturally, I had to try it.

The concealer is water based which usually doesn't work for me since I tend to prefer silicone based foundations and concealers on me personally. (Confused as to why that matters? Well, if you have a silicon based foundation, you have to match it with a silicon based concealer or otherwise it will separate and won't last/look good for very long on the skin. If you have a water based foundation, you look for a water based concealer. The same rule applies for moisturizer and primer; if it's got lots of oils or silicone in them then go for a silicone based foundation and concealer, otherwise it will, again, separate and ruin the point of everything you put on top). Still, I wanted to see if perhaps it could be something suitable for my kit  since we (makeup artists) always need to have different textured foundations and concealers, to be able to offer a perfect match for every kind of skintype, wish and need.

If these didn't have the $3 price tag I would have said more about the lack of lighter shades. (None of them suits people lighter than a MAC NC15.) It's a shame, naturally, but since the price is so low I feel I can't be too hard. At the same time I haven't actually seen this many colour options from any budget brand we have here in Sweden (even though the price is three times as much up here). None of our most common high-end brands either for that matter, so for me the colour range is still a big plus. The concistency of these is not as fluid and creamy as I am used to but then again I am not used to water based concealers, and when using it together with MAC Face & Body (which is also water based) I find that it works very well and lasts a good amount of time.

When I was looking for swatches before placing my order, I couldn't find any on really fair skin so I wanted to share my own just in case there are more people out there just as light-skinned as me wanting to see what all of the shades looks like on someone who's usually having a hard time finding something light enough. For reference I am an NC15 in the summer but am currently lighter.

1. Classic Ivory // 2. Natural // 3. Creamy Beige // 4. Pure Beige // 5. Medium Bisque // 6. Medium Beige // 7. Nude // 8. Almond // 9. Warm Sand // 10. Warm Honey // 11. Toffee // 12. Fawn // 13. Cool Tan // 14. Toast // 15. Chestnut // 16. Beautiful Bronze // 17. Espresso // 18. Dark Cocoa.

Packaging: 2/5  | Consistency: 3/5  | Longetivity: 4/5  | Colour options: 3/5
My rating: 3/5


One of the collections shown at the event: Two more Coca Cola shades (Swatches coming soon.)

With my fellow lacquer addict Miriam.

My favourite Avojuices: Ginger Lily, Coconut Melon and Jasmine.

My latest obsession: A scented candle that also happens to be massage oil and smells like heaven. (Well, rhubarb, but more like heaven.) From the Icelandic organic brand Sóley.

More news coming to stores soon: OPI Brights. (Swatches coming soon.)

With fellow blogger Anna-Karin.

The fun, summery-looking, handmade brushes from JACKS Beauty Line is on my wishlist.

The main collection presented at the event: Color Paints. A completely new, sheer formula that allows you to mix different colours, make cool patterns and general nail art a bit easier. Comes in 9 colours including a silver meant to act as a base which makes every colour look metallic. If you prefer non-metallic then they can also be used on their own.

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