Did you watch the Oscars last night? Being a makeupartist it's no surprise that my favourite part is to see everyone arriving which means to get to see the hair and makeup of choice. This year there were four individual looks that caught my eye and made me a little more excited than the rest. . .

Chrissy Teigen. Pairing an cool-toned dress with glowing skin and a dark glossy lip? Come on, you knew this would be on my favourites list. And the hair!!

Anna Kendrick. This would be what I'm going to call "the subtle gem" of the evening and you'll find one of these each year; It's a look that is simple yet seamlessly executed that the artistry going into creating it should not be overlooked.  I absolutely love how the blush and lips perfectly matches the colour of her dress and the way the jewellery picks up the silver eyeshadow which, of course, marries so well with the peachy pink. It's in the details, people!

Kelly Osbourne. Am I the only one getting really happy when seeing this lavender haircolour? It suits her skintone wonderfully and I found this makeup to be the most fun of the evening. Lips and lashes are always a good idea.

Margot Robbie. The combination of perfected skin, neutral eyes (she actually didn't wear any eyeshadows for this look) and a strong lip is an all year round favourite look of mine. Simple yet glamorous. Want the same lip for spring and summer? Then go pick up the Hourglass Opaque Rouge Liquid Lipstick in Raven which was the colour used on her on this occasion.

Share with me, which ones were your favourite looks of the Oscars 2015?

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