When you tend to opt for black clothes whatever the season, like I do, it's nice to add some coloured details into the mix - and what better way than nailpolish?

This little summer collection from OPI is goooorgeous. It has three additional colours apart from the six in this post - Life Gave Me Lemons, Down To The Core-al and Hotter Than You Pink - but since those were all released last summer we'll just focus on the new shades today.  All swatches have two layers and no topcoat.

Can't Hear Myself Pink!  I wasn't too sure when I first saw it because of the pearl in in but after hearing several friends and clients say it reminds them of Barbie and her world, it opened up my eyes and I now somehow get really excited whenever I see it. It's a warm medium pink with pink and peach micro glitter.

I Sea You Wear OPI.  Same formula as CHMP above and just as fun but has slightly bigger glitter particles and is even more amazing on top of one of the other colours. Keep scrolling and you'll see what I mean..

The Berry Thought of You.  This formula is amazing! It looks and feel like gelly and glides on smoothly. Two layers was (surprisingly) enough for full coverage and I'm a big fan of the cool tone of it.

On Pinks & Needles on top The Berry Thought Of You + matte top coat.  It has a clear base with pink hexagonal confetti. Quite cute on it's own actually, but probably meant to wear on top of a nailpolish of your choice.

I STOP for Red.  Such an amazing, bright, almost glowing tomato red. I absolutely love this colour and just like TBToY, this too has got that gelly-like formula.

My Car has Navy-gation. Jelly formula again but this one goes on quite sheer on the first swipe, though thankfully two layers was enough with this one as well. A beautiful, rich, darker royal blue that makes a nice addition to the otherwise bright collection.

3 other ways of pairing these colours: On Pinks & Needles on top My Car has Navy-gation,  Can't Hear Myself Pink! on top of My Car has Navy-gation,  and lastly,  I Sea You Wear OPI on top of The Berry Thought Of You.

And my favourite combo:  1 layer of I Sea You Wear OPI on top of the original 2 layers of My Car has Navy-gation. I mean.. Look at it!

The collection is out in stores now.

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