My sister Lina and I have been loving Burt's Bees lip balm during this fall. The brand range includes - among lotions, scrubs, schampoo, different lip products etc - 7 different 100% natural lip balms. We haven't tried all of them, just simply thought we'd share why we love two of them and how they fit our needs.

Lina is all about taking care of her lips and doesn't really have that chapped-lips problem that I tend to have if I'm not careful. If anyone is taking care of ones lips it's her, and her favourite balm is the Rejuvenating lip balm with Acaí Berry.
"I love how it's so soft and creamy", she says - and it really is!  In about 15 minutes after applying it I find my lips already softer which is great when you need a quick boost  and as it wears off it gives a smooth feeling to your lips.

As for me, nothing makes my winter lips heal like Locobase Repair but since I really only use that during the night or when I'm just at home with no need to explain what the heck is going on on my lips [it's a WHITE paste/cream], naturally I also need something that I can carry with me and apply during the day.
Since I wear lipstick basically everyday and prefer satin and matte formulas, it's important to me that it's a balm that will work as kind of a base to wear underneath my lipstick  to at least try to prevent them from drying out. For that purpose my favourite this fall has been the Beeswax lip balm with Vitamin E and Peppermint. Contrary to Lina's favourite, this one gives a much more matte feeling to the lips - a lot like the feeling of the lip primer from MAC when it has settled.

On a side note I want to add that if the state of your lips is really bad - I'm talking cracked winter lips - then I would recommend going for something more healing and thicker to use during the night or - as I mentioned earlier - when you're comfortable looking a bit funny and use a thick cream on your lips for as long as you can as kind of an intense healing mask. Perfect if you're having 2 days off work or over the weekend. If you're able to get it where you live then do try the Locobase Repair, put on a thick layer and reapply as soon as it's worn off for about 1½-2 days depending on how bad it is.

Please tell us! What is your favourite lip balm?


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