This week's most exciting news has got to be MAC Cosmetics finally launching their swedish webshop!  Yes, sure, we've already had access to a range of their products through (and of course via our MAC counters) but the launch of is a great step and benefiting to us in several ways.

This friday, August 2nd, "around noon" the long anticipated website will be up.  To celebrate the launch they will be selling limited edition "MAC Illustrated" cosmetic bags designed by Anja Kroencke  and  Indie 184  exclusively on from the launch date and 8 weeks ahead. The release date for their collections is expected to be on the 1st day of each launch month [unlike releasing the collections on the 8th] with the only exeption the 1st is on a Sunday, then the release will be on the 2nd. [EDIT 26/8: The launch was delayed but the website is now up and running!]

So how will this work for us having a MAC PRO card? Naturally I was wondering (since the MAC counter at NK, Stockholm so far is the only place in Sweden where your card is any good)  but No - since there is no security system to ID/match a buyer (to prove you are indeed the real card holder who has been granted their high percentage discount) they can't offer the PRO discount on the web sales.

HOWEVER... As you may know, MAC occasionally put out collections that are not released in Skandinavia - the online exclusives. I was curious to find out if these will now become available to us up in the north as well - and the answer is YES!  All the makeup lovers, fanatics and artists say YAAAY!

Postat av: Linda

Hej jag undrar om du kunde tipsa om genomskilniga mascaror, alltså sånna som inte ger någon färg utan bara håller de på plats efter böjt de?:)

Svar: Hej Linda! :) MAC, Make Up Store, Maybelline och IsaDora är några märken som jag vet har genomskinliga mascaror. Personligen har jag bara testat MAC och Make Up Store's alternativ av de jag nämnde men ärligt talat så tycker jag att H&M's egen budgetvariant fungerar bättre än båda. Den torkar/stelnar annorlunda och blir mer fast vilket i sin tur ger ett mer hållbart resultat. :) Hoppas svaret hjälpte!
Ida Andersson

2013-08-17 @ 08:53:32

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