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Cement The Deal

Shine For Me

Embrace The Gray

Romantically Involved

Dark Side Of The Mood


How great is this press kit? I am absolutely loving it and all six shades of the collection.  Like so many others I have been massively excited about the 50 Shades of Grey movie and everything around it  including this collection  even though I personally haven't actually read the books yet. (I guess you know you made it if people are excited by the mere thought of your products/ideas. Haha!)  At the beautiful press launch at the Hilton hotel in Stockholm last week they kindly gave us a copy of the first book so we can all get into the world of Mr Grey before the movie premieres on Valentine's Day, February 14. (Watch the trailer here!)

The collection contains the light grey creme Cement The Deal, the mid-tone grey creme Embrace The Gray, a darker grey with a touch of blue called Dark Side Of The Mood, a beaming glitter varnish with silver and blue glitter particles called Shine For Me and lastly the one colour that is supposed to represent the female part, Anastasia Steele, called Romantically Involved. It's such a wonderful red shade and probably my favourite of the six. The sun was setting as I was swatching these so I didn't get a great picture of it but do take a look at this one by Temperaninails who captured it far better and you'll see just how fantastic it is.

I really am one of these people who loves and cherish the little things and details in everyday moments like going to the cinema and being able to wear a nailpolish that is connected to what I'm seeing on screen (like this collection is), or to do a makeup look inspired by what I'm watching, or to dress accordingly etc, etc. I one hundred percent feel that these simple things make everyday moments more fun  and I love how the creative people at OPI are always having their radar on for what's interesting at the moment and keep delivering fun and exciting collections that feels just right in time.
I think it's a great collection of shades; not too much and not too little. Just like the sentence that run through the collection; "It's all about the tease."
As always, a big Thank You to the girls at GoodPr and OPI for this beautiful kit and a wonderful evening.  The collection will be out in early January so you can wear your favourite shade to the movie theatre. Until then, I better get started on the reading!

PS.  You know how usually a couple of the colours from the OPI collections will be made available in Mini kits as well as full-sized bottles? (Usually around 4..) Well, ALL six of these OPI 50 Shades Of Grey nail lacquers will be available in 1 Mini Kit (!!) so if you feel like you like the collection and want to get it but don't want to spend your money on full-sized bottles (maybe you don't use nailpolish that often; or maybe you feel like the shades won't be interesting to you long enough to finish an entire bottle - whatever your reason may be) then this Mini kit is definitely something to concider. 
Personally I absolutely love these kits, and the fact that all of the colours are available in both big and small sizes this time around is, I think, quite brilliant if you think about how well it fits in with the "slogan" of the collection; "It's all about the tease."
Occasionally, a little IS enough.


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