After posting the photos of my Pop Art lips I got a comment from a girl requesting a full Pop Art face and while showing the result I thought I'd share some simple guidelines or things to keep in mind when trying to create a Pop Art face. I'm no pro whatsoever when it comes to comic book looking makeup but there are still some basic guidelines I feel that I could mention.

When creating your base, use a high coverage foundation to blank out the face and try to make the face as "flat" as possible. Lighten up the parts that have a bit of natural shadow and maybe flatten areas that pop out a lot if you feel the need. From there you can use an inspirational picture (maybe from a cartoon book or by just typing "pop art girl" into google) so you can get some ideas on where to place the lines on your face. Some may prefer to do this look with only a few lines here and there while others prefer to also put dots all over the face for the typical cartoon magazine paper effect if you know what I mean - it all depends on how simple you want it and basically what you prefer.

I always thought that when I finally did try this look, I would be going for the dotted version [I've been wanting to try it out for years, since I first saw it on an old MAC halloween face chart] but I finally went with just the lines - and the lips of course!  This was just my first try and I wasn't meant to post it but thought "Oh what the hell" ... Sometimes it's fun to post the things you've made just so you can look back on it after some time and notice the things you would have done different today... so for me personally it's a good way of growing as an artist and that's why this will be one of the looks I'll be recreating for Halloween 2013 - and it might be a how-to video!

For lashes I would recommend big ones that looks full and thick instead of simple ones since you don't really see a lot of thin, natural lashes in pop art magazines (or at least I haven't) but more like a thick flick. And that being said - don't forget a thick eyeliner!

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