You know how sometimes when you buy new procuts/brushes you afterwards ask yourself "How the hell did I manage without this?"... Well, that's the kind of feeling I got with some of the Real Techniques brushes I purchased in London a while back. And for those of you who never heard of the brand, it's by makeup artist Samantha Chapman, also known as one of the Pixiwoo sisters who shares makeup tips, tutorials and more on their widely popular YouTube channel.

I am loving the multi-tasking qualities of the eye brushes as well as most of the face brushes and my favourites of the later are the Powder Brush and the Expert Face Brush.  The Powder Brush really is one of the softest face brushes I've ever used and effortlessly blends your powder, bronzer and blush.  The Expert Face Brush has become my favourite multi-tasking brush of all time and is absolutely essential to my makeup kit. Foundation (whether liquid, creamy or compact), cream- or powder contouring, cream- or liquid blush, powder- or liquid highlighting - it works for all of it!

The only disadvantage or inconvenience - and this is from a makeup artist's point of view - is how they sell these. Some of the brushes are sold in sets and some are sold individually;  the ones that come in sets are not sold individually  and the ones sold individually can not be found in the sets.  Now that might not be a problem for most people but as a makeup artist I would love to buy a couple more of, for example, the Base Shadow Brush to use when working since you rarely have the time to clean the brushes while working on the same face/model. It's just always a good thing to have many copies of your favourite multi-tasking brushes. Not being able to  without buying the whole set of 5 (when 3 of them is brushes that I don't feel like I need to have copies of) is kind of a downside since they're really great brushes  so I'm keeping my fingers crossed that in the future they will start selling all of the brushes individually as well as in the sets.

You can find the Real Techniques brushes at a good price on iHerb and Love-Makeup. Find more retailers >here<Svenskar - borstarna finns även på Eleven, Lyko och Brallis men till nästan dubbla priset (och t.o.m. mer på vissa av borstarna). Jag har hört endast bra om iHerb men har själv bara hunnit beställa från Love-Makeup så om ni känner er lite osäkra på att beställa utifrån så kan jag säga att Love-Makeup (som skickar från England) har levererat snabbt och felfritt vid varje order jag lagt.


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