With the hopes of you all having a wonderful Christmas holiday I wanted to share a few of my favourites and treats for the family gatherings, New Years Eve and other upcoming highlights in your schedule during these winter months.

I dont know about you but I for one am not tired of glitter for New Years Eve and very much doubt I will ever join those who year after year tries their best to stear away from the typical things like sparkling dresses, tops or accessories on this night. And growing up with a grandmother who was the absolute queen of glitter and sequins I now love anything that sparkles and therefore very much like adorn myself with something glimmering for NYE. As you know I am also a complete lipstick lover - inherited from the same woman I might add - and to  not over-do it a matte lipstick is always my first choice. The Retro Matte lipsticks from MAC have been a personal favourite since the release in October and will suit anyone who's up for celebrating this past year and the beginning of a new with a bright lip. Check them out if you haven't!

Prefer to keep the focus on your eyes? Give them that snow-y sparkle with some glitter, a frosty eyeshadow or perhaps a Pro Longwear Paint Pot. I'm liking the silver-white shade called Chrome Angel.

Having a New Years party? Place the jar of Johan Bülow's golden liquorice balls among your tasty treats [Haha I'm sorry - been trying to make this sentence sound less dirty for 15 minutes now, I give up.] and you'll be sure to have the guests talking. Or perhaps my favourite from the range, jar number 2 with salty pieces made out of pure Iranian liquorice if you prefer. Decorative and delicious. Yum!

Still the mascara I recommend most to my clients. Love it!

No, red lips might not be the most surprising thing this time of year but it sure is beautiful. "Stalker" is the brilliant name of my most used red OCC Lip Tar this December.

Yes, I agree, it does look misplaced among all the goodies but since this is a post on treats I just couldn't skip something that is so important this time of year. A treat for your skin, keeps the winter dryness away. If you tend to get dry knuckles or small wounds on your hands then try this if you have the opportunity. I'm buying it at the pharmacy here in Sweden but I know stores like Boots, Ulta and are selling it as well.

I'm not usually the one to go for a light pink lip but I've fallen in love with a pink gloss from IDUN called Irma. My favourite match is with the Sweet Angel lipliner from Kicks. Such a pretty combo!

This year I noticed a lot of people have been giving away donations to different people- or animal-helping organisations as a Christmas gift in the name of a friend or family member which I think is absolutely brilliant. If you didn't but still want to feel like you've done something - and on top of it is a make-up lover who wouldn't mind actually having more of a reason to spend your money on lip products - then one way to help is to purchase any lipstick or gloss from MAC's VIVA GLAM range. For those of you who don't know, MAC Cosmetics has got their very own AIDS fund which gets 100%  of the proceeds from their VIVA GLAM products in order to help women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS and the initiative has already raised over $250 million. 1 HIV test, 23 female condoms or 233 male condoms  and 37 delivered meals are a few of the things the cost of only 1 lipstick will cover so trust that your beauty buys will make a difference. In the photo above you can see my favourite nude - VIVA GLAM II.  Guilt-free lipstick shopping? Every time!

Lots of Love & Happy New Year wishes!


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