If you're a big fan of Rihanna then you probably know she teamed up with MAC Cosmetics last year and have been releasing make-up products at three different occasions throughout this year since then. Now it's time for the fourth and last collection of 2013 before she moves on to being the new face for VIVA GLAM (which is - for those of you who don't know - MAC's very own AIDS fund which gets every cent from every sold VIVA GLAM product  to help women, men and children living with and affected by HIV/AIDS.). It's time for RiRi Hearts MAC Holiday collection!

Two of the items in this collection are a sparkly rose gold eyeliner named Cockiness and a matte, hot pink lipstick called Pleasure Bomb. The packaging is a mix of white and rose gold, kind of Christmas-y and nicely suitable for a holiday collection. The inside is just as pretty, the lipstick having a lovely velvet-y formula and the liner being beautiful both on it's own on the upper lashline or as a nice detail to the lower - or why not as a twist to a matte black smokey eye.


The collection is available in stores and online now. // or for Swedish customers.


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