A close-up look of my Pop Art lips I made last week. Pictures from my Instagram - feel free to follow! ♥ --> iieandersson

Products used:

♦ OCC "Harlot" Lip Tar.
♦ Black liquid eyeliner applied with a small separate eyeliner brush.
♦ Lime Crime "Lunar Sea" Uniliner (although I would recommend you to find a white liner from another brand - or face paint - since this one only stays on looking good for a short, short while. It was the product I had closest to me at the moment and I was just taking a photo of the look before washing it all off anyway. If I would wear this look out to a masquerade or something similar - or you're simply just looking for a white liquid eyeliner - then I would most certainly recommend you to look elsewhere. Please do let me know if you find a good one - trying to find one myself!


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